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Attend Visa Interview at different Consulate - Reg. Urgent Help

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  • shervin143
    A recent press release states that a candidate can schedule the visa interview in any U.S consulate within a Country (Earlier, the first time H1B or L1 stamping should be taken on the U.S consulate that falls under the respective consular district). However, I am not sure if this is already effective as of today. Talk to VFS helpdesk and get more clarity.

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  • Attend Visa Interview at different Consulate - Reg. Urgent Help

    My passport has been issued in chennai and my base work location is chennai in a X IT Company.
    Currently we are having a requirement for a project for which i been suppose to depute to kolkata.Initially, I been suppose to travel to US for this new assignment, so my company have asked me to apply petition and to attend PA from kolkata. I have already applied the Petiton and i'll depute to kolkata in a couple of weeks. Is it Fine that can i attend the Visa interview from different Consulate. If so, what are supporting documents do i need to produce?. Appreciate any Help, Thanks.
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