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US Tourist Visa for Child and Infant

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  • US Tourist Visa for Child and Infant


    My brother & his wife is already having US - Tourist Visa and they are planning to visit US but their kids 2.5 yrs and 10mnths does not have any visa.

    I am getting the process started for their visa stamping in India.

    What are the chances of getting visa for the kids as the parents already have stamped visa on their passport.

    What proof of ties with the country we need to show for the kids? Do we need to produce any documentation for their parents?


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    You don't have to show any special ties to the home country for a toddler. The VO would know that the child will return back with the parents after the trip. Maybe a letter from both the parents addressed to the consulate general stating that the child is dependent on them and the child will return back with them to the home country will help.

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