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  • Job Title for H1B

    Hello folks, I need advice regarding my job title on resume that will be used by the legal team for my H1B lottery next month and application(if I get picked). I am currently on STEM OPT and I am with the same company from the start (OPT) Background: I was hired as a BI Analyst. After completing a year, I wasn’t doing much BI or analyst work but more backend or data engineering work. I requested a job title change to SWE as the people in other teams who did the work that I did had that title. After some hiccups by the manager and the HR my request was approved and I got my job title changed. My question is, how should this be displayed on my resume for the H1B application? Should it be SWE {Month-Year} to Current BI Analyst {Month-Year} to {Month-Year} https://omegle.onl/https://xender.vip/

    I believe the above holds true if it is a promotion or generally a profile or team change. But in my case this was neither a promotions nor team change just a title change. Everything is the same expect few changes in JD.

    Or should I use just one title which is the current one? Confused about this as SEVP, university and employment verifications hold just one title in cases where it is a job title change in the same company.​
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