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Green form received for 221(g) H1B stamping New Delhi

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    Originally posted by vineet1974 View Post

    I have received 221(g) green form on 8-12-2010 for stamping of H1B with family. Visa Officer has asked me submit some additional documents required from my employer along with all the passports at VFS office. I have submitted all the required documents and passports on 30-12-2010 at New Delhi US VFS Office. At the end of the interview, Visa Officer told me that there is no problem with my particulars, but only my US employer is small and they would need some additional documents before taking any decision.

    I am too much worried about the outcome. I think asking for submission of passports along with the documents is a positive sign for stamping.

    All of you are requested to please share your views for my case and help me.


    I have received 221g at Delhi on 22nd dec 2011 and VO said they need to review my application.I beleive your case is almost the same as mine.

    After an month(JAN) they said, My application will be soon forwarded to KCC and then to USCIS for further review. Today , I came to know my application is still with Delhi embassy. So people who got passport back with this message should try with delhi Embassy again to know if their application was really forwarded to USCIS or not.


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      H4 visa

      Did you get H4 visa for your family?



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        Similar Situation

        Hi Guys,
        I am in a similar situation as you guys are. I had my H1B visa interview on May 6th at Delhi Consulate. The interview went well till they asked for a cover letter directly from the client and handed over me a green slip asking me to submit few more papers. However they did not ask me to submit my passport, so i am a bit worried. Going through the posts i know there is no TAT for this and could be long.


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          Has anyone got a visa stamped after getting 221g green slip from delhi.

          I got the 221 g green slip from new delhi on 24th March and till now i have not heard anything about my case is there any way i can track my case status .


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            Call to come to US consulate after 221g Green


            I attended i/v in new delhi on 15th Apr-2011 and got 221g Green
            I submitted documents on 23rd Apr-2011.
            I got few calls at India and US office for verification.
            Today 24th May 2011, I got call from delhi consulate and they called me on Friday 27th. She didnt ask me to bring passport and documents. I asked her if I need them? she said that is not required but you can keep them with you (just in case).

            Any idea or same experience, what would it mean?

            I shall be grateful to you guys to share, if someone has similar experience?


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              All those who got visa,

              What docs did u all submit for E-C model?? Is there any timeline within which u need to submit docs?? Will submitting photocopies do???


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                221g green slip new delhi

                Interview dt 4 may
                Doc sub 27 may
                EC model both American
                Non Muslim
                Green slip
                New Delhi consulate
                Came to india for vacation after 4 years and I am in my 7th year of h1b

                I want to know if it took more than 6-8 weeks for anybody to get decision on green slip from new Delhi recently? I don't have much time from client I am scared of losing my job

                Any recent experience is highly appreciated


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                  Need immediate help

                  I got green slip at new delhi consulate on July26.VO asked me to submit client letter,itinerarcy of services,copy of contratct,and I129 along with other docs in petition.
                  I submitted all the required one along with purchase order because copy of contract i submitted shows contract has expired on previous date.It is not yet renewed though business is still going on between client and my employer.Will it be an issue on my reinterview for which i have got a mail yesterday.

                  I was asked following questions(apart from some general ones) which are main reason for me getting green slip at the time of first round of interview.
                  1)Who is my manager in US?-I answered YYYY X.But she said he is business manager(associate).I told her that he is the one who takes care of both business and team's supervision.
                  2)Are you and your manager work at the same location.?-My answer was 'No' as i have mention in application that YYYY is working from AAAA city(Different from clients office where i worked).
                  3)What is the distance between clients ofice and ur manager's office which is employer's office in US.I answered 15 miles.
                  4)How often do you and your manager meet?-My answer was once in a week.She said it means your manager is not doing your day to day supervision

                  Please tell me what is the right response if i am asked these questions again on reinterview which i am planning next week.
                  Shall i say that though my manager from employer's side is not meeting me on daily basis but i am working on a project with client and i take work instructions from my client???Please advice.....
                  Also Email from VFS says 'Please bring updated docs re:Proposed Project' at the time of re interview.What is the meaning of this?Lawyers please help...