Hi all,
I had a very disappointing experience in the mumbai consulate. I went for my H1 and my wife's and kid's H4 stamping. This is what happened in the interview.

Officer - Is this is new job
myself - yes.

Officer - How did u get this.
myself - I was applying in many companies. I have a friend in that company and I forwarded my resume to him

Officer- Right now u are working in XYZ in India.
myself - Yes

Officer - How well do you know ABC( the new employer)
myself - They have a good client base. I have good feedback about them as my friend is there.

But seems all these questions were just formalities. Because immediately she told this
" Sir, I am not in a position to issue you a visa today. You may have to wait for some time. Because there is some matter which requires a person to have a masters degree.
And so you will have to wait till that matter gets resolved"

This came as a shocking news to me.
I had got a H1 4 years back when my experience was even less than 2 years. And today somebody tells me my degree is not fit.

Anyways seeing me worried she continued
"This has nothing to do with ur case in specific. There are a bunch of people whose cases have been pending. This needs to get resolved from Washington(don't know how washington came into picture)/ You will be contacted very shortly say in a week's time".

I said " Mam would you like to see some other documents". Because I had so many docs but they asked only for I797 and I129. I had a letter from my employer to DHS while filing I-129 which clearly mentions that the requirement for this job is of a bachelor's degree and relevant experience and which I have.

She said " No I don't need any other doc. will get back to you".

I repeated " I have many other docs from my employer."

she repated " I said I don't need to see any docs".

That ended all conversations because after this there was no point in pressing and irritating her.

She returned all my docs ( pasport, I 797, I-129, passports, the drafts, marriage cert, birth certificate).

I had carried so may docs pertaining to my credentials ( like degree, transcript, my experience letters) and pertainign to my employer's credentials( like photos, LCA, letter to the consular officer). But she didn't ask for all this.

I am very frustrated. Don't know If I did some mistake there. Because the indian person from VFS initally asked only for these docs.

The 221(g) which I received mentions reason as "others"( there are many check boxes like Differnt consulate office, finger print, docs needed, W-2 forms needed and at the end there is a check box others. This was ticked by her. and she wrote "pending".

Guys Please let me know.
1. What does all this imply. Will they contact me?
2. Without any concrete reason why shud this be done?
3. Was the officer speaking the truth that there are a bunch of such cases?
4. How long will all this take. Will she actually call me in a week's time?
5. What are the chances for a final acceptance or rejection?

Please all you dear friends. Let me know.