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Want to take H1, now on F1

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  • Want to take H1, now on F1


    I came to USA in February on Visiting visa B2. I have converted my status to F1 in may and I am currently doing my master's in Tri Valley University that is in California. I am doing my online course. I can tell u the fact, the university is for the people who mainly want to maintain their status. Currently I am working on CPT fulltime in New Jersey in IT field. I am planning to go to India in Next year. I have few questions that are stuck in my mind and I am not able to take any decisions. Here are my querries:
    1) Is it safe to go to India while on CPT , to get the F1 stamping?
    2) Is it safe to finish my masters, move to OPT and then go to India for Stamping?
    (If so, I am planning to finish my course by April)
    3) The other option is, Is it safe for me to get the H1 approved and then go to India for Stamping.

    I am so confused becasue, I have heard that now a days if the university is not known by the consulate, they tend to reject saying that they never heard of the university name. Also, If I go on OPT, the consulate might ask me as to why I want to go back and work in USA as my main purpose of converting from B2 to F1 was to study.

    Can anyone please answer my questions? It will really help me take some decision.

    Thanks a lot