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2 H1B from 2 companies travelling from INDIA

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  • 2 H1B from 2 companies travelling from INDIA


    I have 2 H-1b'S from 2 different companies, I have H-1b STAMPED FROM company A but they are not sending me to US as they have no projects but company B ( from which I have an approved visa but it is not stamped on the passport) wants me to come to US ASAP . The lawyer for company B says that I can enter USA with H-1B stamped from company A but must tell the immigration officer that I am not going to work for company A but for company B and present a letter and approved H-1b petition from company B and the officer will allow me to come in without any issue . Can I do this ? Will I not get into trouble for doing this ? Please advice

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    You can do that.
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