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H1/H4 Visa Stamp in Tijuana

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  • H1/H4 Visa Stamp in Tijuana

    Do you need to have two appointments for a H1 and H4 or is it just one for both the primary applicant and dependent. Can anyone please provide their experience.

    Also does the US consualate in TJ ask to see a mexican visa or permit?

    Thanks in advance.

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    This is Sasidhar. Here I am not going to answer you question, but I have a query. Right now I am on H1b and my current visa is going to expire on 1st APR 2005. I got my new approval notice recently.

    Is it possible for me to go Canada or Mexico for stamping? If so, what is the best time for that? Should I go before my current visa expires? Or Can I go after visa expires?

    This is kind odd reply. Sorry for the inconvenience. I have no time. I need this information soon.

    Your help is appriciated.



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      H1-B stamping in Manila and Tijuana

      My first interview in Manila, Philippines (which is my home country) last Aug 2004. It wasn't as smooth as my 2nd in Tijuana, Mexico (March 2006) My interview was all about my company's ability to sponsor that's why he asked for financial statements. Good thing that I have that with me. Anyways, after a thorough examination and scrutiny of my papers, the consul asked for the employers's Quarterly Wage Report(DE6) which I didn't have at that time. Meaning I wasn't given the visa and had to go back to the embassy on another day. Fortunately, my employer sent it right away and I was given a visa. Generally, the following documents are the most being asked to prove that I am really working with that company.

      1. Approval Notice/Notice of action (for H1, or extension of stay,if any)
      2. Application as filed (for extension, H1 and RFE)
      3. Passports (present and all previous)
      4. School records (Diploma, TOR, license, if any)
      5. Employment contract
      6. Notarized letter from the personnel dept stating your annual salary and position (co.letterhead)
      7. All Payslips/paystubs
      9. All Personal Income Tax Return (IRS generated)
      10. Last 2 years Company Income Tax Return or Transcripts of Income Tax Return (IRS generated)
      11. Last 2 years Financial Statements
      12. Pictures (company pictures and personal residence)
      13. Last 6 months Personal Bank statements (from the beginning up to present)
      14. Notarized List of company employees with contact info, immigration status, job descriptions, rates, and educational attainments (signed by employer or HR)
      15. Last 2 quarters of Quarterly wage reports - Form DE6 (from the company)

      I have a friend who has the same story as mine. But her employer couldn't send the company's income tax return. She didn't get a stamp but wasn't denied either. Anyways, she was still able to come back with her previous tourist visa (multiple entry, of course) I assume the Entry officer just overlooked her previous H1-B status. Cause I have read in articles that technically when you change status, the old visa is going to be cancelled.

      For me it's all worth it because my fiance is not in the US that time. I was able to travel in and out of US to visit my fiance. Got married in the Philippines and was able to bring him over here on H-4 visa. And now we have a son who is a US Citizen.

      My 2nd interview in Tijuana, Mexico was very easy. He just asked for how long have I been working at my company and where do i live in the Philippines. He was even friendly to me because he said he was a previous Navy and used to live in Subic.

      One applicant from India who I befriended wasn't given a visa. We took a cab back to the border to return to the US but she wasn't allowed to and so she stayed there overnight. I don't know what happened to her anymore.

      If you guys have any questions, you may email me at [email protected].

      Best of luck to all of you.