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B1/L1 to H1(Already Stamped Visa) Query

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  • B1/L1 to H1(Already Stamped Visa) Query

    Hello Experts,

    I am in India working for Company A, and hold a valid and stamped H1B from my sponsor company B (2years 4 Montha ago), its valid upto Sep-2011. This company B dont have any project and did not sent me till to US, and when I speak to them they are not at all willing to send anybody in my skillset area, reason they says is that they dont work in the space of Microsoft Technology area(strange why did they sponsored H1 to me!!!!!! unless spoiling career of people like me :-( ).

    My Current Company A willing to sponsor L1 visa.

    Another Company C willing to sponsor B1 visa with whom I dont have relationship yet.

    Company D also (with whom I dont have relationg too) willing to file for a fresh H1B.

    My Questions are:
    1) After I get my L1 visa from Company A, and then I go to US. Later some point of time (if they ask me to come back to India), can I convert my L1 visa status back to H1B?

    2) If I go ahead with company C and get my B1, after going to US on B1. Is it possible to convert my status back to H1 (with out coming back to India)?

    3) I have been hearing that these days getting H1B is not as easy as before, shall I proceed with this company D and get new H1? Since I have a valid H1 Visa, do I still need to go for stamping here in India and then go to US? or since I have a valid H1 Visa, an approved petition would suffice to enter into US?

    Friends, I have been suffering with my H1 sponsor since last 2.5years of not support at all from this company B.

    Your helpful answers would help me to take up one decision to make my career into better shape. Thanks in Advance


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    1. possible and best option.
    2. possible but risky.
    3. No stamping needed. A new petition with old visa is fine.

    I am not a lawyer and you need to consult with one to validate any info posted on the forum and discuss your case specifics. H1b Question? Read the FAQ first.