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Visa dilemma for spouse

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  • Visa dilemma for spouse

    I hold a H1B Visa, recently got married in India. Few months before the marriage my wife travelled to US on B1 (Business) visa for 3months later based on project condition applied for extension to 3 more months(total 6months = 3 initial + 3 extended) .
    There are speculations that anybody who applied for extension for B1 visa, visiting US the next time. They are interrogated/questioned heavily at Port of Entry (or at visa stamping, if applying for another visa in this case H4/H1) sometimes leading to DENIAL of entry. Is it TRUE?
    Her company is planning to file H1B petition for her - Is it safe for her to try H1B Visa stamping? or is it safe for her to come over on H4(Dependent)? or If her H1B Visa Stamping interview fails, will she get H4 visa without hassle? Please advice and share your experience.

    Thanks a lot in advance.

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    Hi OP,

    Previous Visa's don;t create any problems for the current visa stamping (unless there are problems with the documentation/employer etc etc).
    So she can go for H1 stamping ...

    Yes...she can come on H4 visa ....if her H1 visa is denied/delayed.
    Now "without hassle" ---- this no one can predict as each visa stamping depends on lot of things..but she cannot be denied H4 just because her H1 was denied/delayed previously...

    Thanks and Regards,