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*** URGENT!! I-94 expired

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  • *** URGENT!! I-94 expired

    **URGENT** Any help will be greatly appreciated!!

    Here are details of my situation:

    1. Went to India on September 22, 2004 with an H1-B visa that was expiring on November 26, 2004.
    2. I had an H1-B extension case pending with the USCIS which got approved before i went to India, though i wasn't aware of it (Approval date: September 8, 2004)
    3. Approval notice says visa extended till July 30, 2006. (I-94 is attached to the approval notice)
    4. I returned to the US on October 10, 2004, I did not have the new approval notice with me at the POE.
    5. At the port of entry the officer put an expiry date of November 26, 2004 on the I-94.

    I guess this comes under what is called 'Last Action Rule'. The last I-94 is the one that is valid and not the one attached with my H1-B approval.

    How can i correct this situation? Is it safe to go to the port of entry to correct this situation? Do i have any other options?

    Your prompt reply will be appreciated since i am close to the 180 day mark and need to correct this ASAP.

    Thanks in advance.