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  • H1B Percentage Salary

    Hello guys,

    I just wanted to know the % calculation and also the state tax calculation.

    I know that % is illegal on H1B and it purely between me and the employer.

    Lets say, LCA it has been stated as 50k and I have found a client who is willing to pay 100$ an hour (Just an example )

    1) When my employer says its 70-30, how much I would essentially get? (after the employer takes insurance, ssn, etc etc) (taking 100$ / hr as an example)

    2) And lets say, the employer is in Newyork and I am working for a client in Texas, will I be paying texas tax or Newyork tax?

    3) I am still in India, should I directly travel to end client place or to the employer place. Does that really matter at POE? (Employer says I can directly travel to client place, as I'll have client letter)

    4) My visa will expire in Oct 2011 (never travelled to US on H1 since 2009), and I think I can stay in US with the same expired visa, but when ever I go out of country I need to get it stamped/renewed am I right?

    5) 4) + when ever I go for renewal, should I be showing only client letter and the contract papers OR H1B employer papers -> vendor detail -> Client letter. Anything else?

    I searched various posts and internet, couldnt get any better or straight answer. So thought of checking with the experts.