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Got H1 but revoked by employer now in Inida ..bewildered

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  • Got H1 but revoked by employer now in Inida ..bewildered

    Hello Friends,

    I got H1 petition approved with my employer A in year 2008, worked for 6 months, due to recession my employer asked me to go to India for leave, i did came to india on may 2009 got my h1 visa stamping, One day my employer sent an email that he is revoking my H1 status...sorry.
    Now i am willing to come to US but having a lot of doubts please help me in clearing my confusion.

    1. Do i have to file a fresh petition, If yes, then i would be included in 65000 quota limit? The reason i am asking this is some one told me once if a person gets selected in H1 petition...he doesn't come under the quota for next time filing. If i don't come under the quota for fresh filing..can employer file for me at any time?

    2. Or I have masters degree in US, so can i come in the masters category of 20,000 quota once again?

    I don't know whether my questions are valid enough to be asked..I would be really greaful if anybody replies. Thanks in advance.

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    once you get a H1 visa, from next time you don't come under the quota. You can file your anytime (no need of Apr 1).