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H1BVisa Stamping/Laid Off/Back to India/willing to visit US

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  • H1BVisa Stamping/Laid Off/Back to India/willing to visit US

    I completed Masters degree in USA got full time employment and H1 B approval on October 1 2009.I visited india in December-2009 , got H1 visa stamp valid till September 24,2012 , went back to US in january 2010. I got laid off from my employer in February 2010 and now i am in india. I tried to check my status online through WAC Receipt number on USCIS.gov . Its stating my I-129 file was reopened on February 18 2010 and they are reviewing my case.

    I have visa stamp till 2012 but no job i am not sure can i enter US now and look for a new job there.????

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    H1B is a work related visa. You cannot enter U.S without proper employment. Entering U.S for the purpose of finding a job is illegal. Also, you need to show proper work related documents at the POE when you enter U.S. Most probably your employer might have already revoked your petition. Chances are that you might get deported back.

    Find a new employer, transfer the H1B and then enter U.S.
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