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DS160 employement gap

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  • DS160 employement gap

    Hi there,
    I am planning to go to India to get my visa stamped at Kolkatta Consulate. I've filled the DS160 but I have one question regarding my previous employment experience. One of my previous employer is say company A. I have joined this company ( a staffing firm) on march 19, 2007 and worked for client X, until May 1, 2009. I got laid off after that but got rehired to work for another client Y starting june 6, 2009. I worked with client y until Oct 9, 2009, before I changed jobs and moved to my current company B as full time employee and I have been with company B since then (little over an year now).
    My question is, in the Ds160, should I put one entry for company A and mention that i have worked from 3/19/2007 to 10/9/2009 or should I put two entries one saying that I've worked for company A from 3/19/2007 to 5/1/2009 and then the other saying I've worked for company A from 6/5/2009 to 10/9/2009.
    I should also mention that during that gap,
    1. My H1B was not revoked
    2. The verification letter I've received from company A clearly mentions about the gap.
    3. There is also a gap in my paycheck during my layoff period

    Any advice is appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.