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How to get non-IT jobs holding H1B visa

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  • How to get non-IT jobs holding H1B visa

    Hi All,

    I recently got H1B visa. I am trying for IT jobs as well as for Non-IT jobs like banking sector etc. For IT jobs, I have posted in Dice and Monster. But for Non-IT jobs, I am not able to find them and how to apply for them. Please tell me the way I can search for any jobs in US(banking sector, data entry jobs etc). Where can I find Non-IT jobs. Also, what will be other Non-IT jobs. I have 3 years of experience in IT.

    Any suggestion is appreciable.


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    If a company is sponsoring you an H1B visa, then it means, that they have a job available for you. Without a valid job, how did you get the H1B visa stamped? Are you in U.S or in India now? If you are already in U.S and if you are in H1B status, then you need to be getting paid to maintain your H1B status. Otherwise you will go out of status on H1B and it will cause a lot of issues later.
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      Thanku for replying. But currently I am on a small project wchich ends in two months. So I am searching for another job. Do you have any idea on Non-IT jobs and where can we find them.