Hi all,

I am a Chinese currently doing a Postdoc at a major tech corporation on a J-1 visa. Management would like to explore options to turn my J-1 into a H-1 (still for my Postdoc, which ends end of the year) However, there is a temporary expense freeze imposed from the top, which means they can not use corporate lawyer or pay the H-1 fee for me.

So it has been suggested that I may go apply for a J-1 myself using a private lawyer with a support letter from the company saying I am employed as a Postdoc etc. etc.

Leaving out other complications such as 2-year residency for the time being, is this still a stupid idea? Since my Postdoc ends end of the year and new H1b won't be effective till October, the company letter would practically have to not mention my end date, I guess. Is that another stupid idea?

Could an expert please help ?? I'd really really appreciate it.

Thanks much,