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H1 visa Restamping/Surname Issue

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  • H1 visa Restamping/Surname Issue

    Hi All,

    This issue has been addressed in earlier forum but unfortunately there is some more problem on top of that. Request your help . below is the case.

    Initially i came to US through employer A. My first name in passport is XXX YYY and surname is blank. When i got the H1 approval petition it was mentioned as YYY,XXX in the name so my visa was stamped with first name as XXX and last name as YYY.
    Recently i moved to company B. The new H1 petition has name as "No Name given, XXX YYY" as per my passport. I need to fill DS160 for restamping. What should i mention in the surname? If i fill XXX YYY in the surname and first name as FNU , as per DS 160 name will not match with the new H1 petition. Also in my new I94, it is mentioned as Last Name as "No Name Given" and First name as "XXX YYY".
    Please suggest what should i fill in DS 160. Can i face any problem during my visa stamping as the visa with Company "A" has last name as YYY and first name as "XXX".
    Kindly Help.