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Batch Id not in Chennai 221g Case Status Report

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  • Batch Id not in Chennai 221g Case Status Report


    My batch id is not listed in Case Status Report.

    When the information will be updated in Case Status report available at Chennai consulate admin processing?

    I attended Visa Interveiw on Feb 4 2011
    Submitted Addl docs for 221g processing : Mar 4 2011

    But my batch id is not listed in Case Status Report.

    When I enquired through helpline, I got response " We received documents and its under review".

    Please share the details you know.


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    even though blue slips are given case numbers they cannot be tracked online..
    can you share some more information on your case. like what documents were aksed , when did yiou attend the intervview, emplotment tyoe(EVC or EC etc)


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      Case Status Report

      I was asked to submit below documents through drop box
      1. All pages of Petition submitted to USCIS
      2. Petitioners Income tax return
      2. Client Letter
      3. Itinerary of Services

      along with
      Copy of original D-160
      Compelte I-797, I -129 & LCA
      Blue slip.

      VI : Feb 4th 2011
      Docs Submitted : Mar 4th 2011.

      Employment type : I am not aware(Pls guide me , where to check this).

      Please share the information you know, when the process will complete or when it will be updated in Case status Report?


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        employment type- eg: employer vendor client, or direct client etc.,

        my documents were submitted on 25th of feb till now no update from consulate


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          Hi Swathi,

          I got job in USA..
          I don't know--- how its called Employer Vendor client or Direct Client.

          Have u submitted passport also?

          I guess, we can check the status in Case Status Report available at
          US Consulate Chennai web site.

          but my batch id is still not updated in Case Status Report.
          Have u checked case status report.



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            you can only check the status if the VO says your case needs administrative processing.


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              Same issue with me too! I was informed that my visa(F1) is approved but I had not paid SEVIS fees. So VO asked me to pay the SEVIS fee and Drop the receipt along with a blue form which he handed over to me and DS 160. Interview was on 13th dec 2011. I made the payment immediately and submitted the docs with in 2 hrs after the interview that is at 12PM my interview got over and I submitted my documents at 2PM to VFS office.

              Now I see that my batch ID is not displayed at all. What shud I do? VFS office ppl say until they get the passport they r unaware of it. Whom shud I contact?