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F1 reinstated before | H1 Stamping

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  • F1 reinstated before | H1 Stamping

    Hi all

    I came in USA in 2005 on F1 visa, fell out of status in Fall 2006 semester. Applied for reinstatement for F1 next semester and got approved. I went on completing my Masters Degree in May 2008. Applied OPT and worked on OPT for one year, meanwhile my employer applied H1 petition in 2009 which was approved and since October 2009, I am working on approved H1 petition.

    I am going to India this April for H1 petition. Does anyone have any idea that i have to say 'Yes' on the immigration violation question in DS-160? Does anyone here has similar experience and have their H1 or any new visa stamped?

    Does a reinstatement in status erases your status violation? what are the chances the VO rejecting the new H1 visa stamp ?

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    I think you will need to answer yes and explain about re-instatement in the details section. I don't think it will affect H1 Visa chances.
    This is my opinion and not legal advice.


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      thanks for your reply, yes i am actually saying 'Yes' to that section.

      Anyone else has any idea or comment please let me know.