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H1B validity after returning to India

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  • H1B validity after returning to India

    I am in USA on H1B visa valid till Dec 2013. My husband was on L1B visa. Now his extension is rejected so his company is asked him to join in Indian office. I am also planning to return to India with my husband. While mentioning this to my company, they said not to resign from the company, it is OK for them if I worked from my home in India for them.Since they donot have any branches in Inida they asked me to join their sister company and they will give salary from that company. My question is, sometimes my husband's comapny may process any H1B/L1B again for my husaband and will come USA again, in such case can I use my H1B for working for my comapny again? Or will it be invalid if I return back to India and join their sister company? Is their any possibility to retain my H1B ?

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    Not an issue. As long as you have valid petition from this employee and your H1B visa remain valid and you have documents to prove that you still have the job available in U.S, you can travel back and work for this employer again.
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