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Expired Passport reqd for H1b ?

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  • Expired Passport reqd for H1b ?

    Hi all ,

    I have a H1b consulate interview on 15-Apr in Chennai , Ind.

    I just wanted to ask folks out here wether I need to carry my old expired passport with me?

    The deal is that I was refused a US Tourist Visa when I was in college 8 years ago and I was using the now expired passport at that time. Also , there are no VISA's on any of my passports.

    So is the interviewer likely to ask me produce my old passport. If yes can I ask my parents to courier it to me , as I'm Karnataka and the old passport is back in Delhi.Is it illegal to courier an expired passport ?

    Any pointers would be highly appreciated.


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    It is advisable to carry the old passports as well. Yes, you can ask your parents to courier it to you.
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