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Higher delays for H4/L2 visa

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  • Higher delays for H4/L2 visa

    In India, the American Consulates have two different policies when it comes to H4/L2 applications.

    In Chennai, Delhi and Kolkata, you can apply for an H4/L2 interview date for your spouse without a marriage certificate. In Bombay, you cannot take an H4/L2 appointment without your marriage certificate, which means you need to wait until your marriage is over, before you can apply for an interview date. Then you have to face a long wait time (people applying on today March 30th are getting appointments in June!! That’s a great inconvenience for people applying at Bombay consulate.

    I have initiated an online signature drive with a petition to do justice to applicants at Bombay consulate. The petition, along with the list of signatories will be submitted to the Bombay consulate. Please consider signing it, and passing it on to your friends.


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    That's unfortunate and I understand.

    But it is highly unlikely that they are going to listen.
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