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Travel to India while H1B transfer in progress

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  • Travel to India while H1B transfer in progress

    Hello Guru,

    I want to know if I can travel to India for following situation :-

    1. Working for employer 'A' and H1B will expire 2012 DEC
    2. Got a new offer from employer 'B' and submitted the document for visa transfer.

    I have not yet resigned to employer 'A' and waiting for visa approval from employer 'B'.

    I want to travel to india before I joined to employer 'B'.

    In this scenario, as visa transfer is in progress by employer 'B', can I travel to india for two weeks and come back on employer 'A' visa.


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    Yes. If you will be working for employer A on your return then you can enter by showing the approval notice of employer A. If not, then you will have to wait until you receive the approval notice of employer B to re-enter. As long as the H1B visa is valid, you can use that to enter U.S irrespective of the employer that you will be working for.
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