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H4 to H1B transfer

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  • H4 to H1B transfer


    I was on H1B with a company for 2 years. I moved to a different place and started working in University and transferred my visa under the university name. I worked there for 6 months and then went on H4. Now I got a job with a company and I need H1B visa. Do I need to apply again through the H1B cap or is there a way I can renew this previous H1B and continue on that since I only worked for 2 years on that?
    Please give me your expert opinion.
    Thanks in advance

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    Any employer can file a new H1B petition using the CAP from the previous H1B approval notice and request an immediate start date. No need to go through the quota again since you are already CAP counted. Give your new employer a copy of your previous H1B approval notice and they should be able to file it under the same CAP.
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      Thank you so much. This info is very helpful