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PA DMV does not recognize my Visa status to renewal DL.

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  • PA DMV does not recognize my Visa status to renewal DL.

    I was on my OPT until May 21st 2011 and am currently on H1 which is effective starting from Feb 16th 2011.

    Additional Info:
    H1B Expiration - 2013.
    Driver's License Expiry - May 21st 2011 ( Same as OPT End date).
    Student Visa expiry - 2012.
    The I94 number on my H1 and on my passport are the same.
    I went to USICS physically and verified that I am on H1B.
    DMV sent a request to USICS requesting my Visa status. ( It has been 4 weeks)

    I went to DMV to renewal my DL. The PA DMV does not recognize my Visa status. It says I am a student and send the candidate to school. What should I do to renewal my DL?

    Thanks for any information,

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    You have to unfortunately wait until DMV receives confirmation from USCIS. You can ask to speak to a supervisor and see if they can help you or intimate you when they receive confirmation.
    I assume your H1 was approved with change of status (with a new I-94)
    This is my opinion and not legal advice.