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urgent help: layoff on H-1B

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  • urgent help: layoff on H-1B

    I got laid off tday

    I am on H-1B for last 2 yrs; did grad degree in CS from a good univ. here in the US.

    wanted to know:

    - how much time have I left in US? Is it 60 days?
    - what are my options? I am applying to all companies, doing networking
    - can I apply to some college/univ for some course and transfer to F-1 after getting I-20 to remain in US?
    - which college/univ will give me admit and I-20 in 60 days? most of univ in top 50 range won't. how about a community college? i can move anywhere in the US for it but need some info. what colleges/univ can give a fast I-20 and admit?
    - any other help or tips?

    I have a very good profile, am technically very sound but got fired due to a stupid fault of mine. Am very nervous and scared and tensed about my future and career. Please help!

    thank you

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    Do you have any notice period?
    Technically, you must file for change of status to any other status or H1 transfer before your last day at work. There is no grace period.
    Normally if employer terminates you before the petition expiry date, they are required to pay for your airfare to home country. But I don't know if that applies in case of termination due to your fault.
    You need to consult an experienced attorney to discuss your options.
    This is my opinion and not legal advice.


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      Finally what did you do?
      MAny will be in similar situation ..
      They can learn from you..
      PLease advise