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B1 travel in Premimum H1B Process time.....

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  • B1 travel in Premimum H1B Process time.....

    Dear All,

    I am working for company AAA in India presently, this company want me to join their US office through Contract House called Company BBB

    so Company BBB going to process by H1B, this process will take minimum 3 month.

    Now my present company AAA want me to travel to US in B1 VISA (I already Have) during the H1B process ( 3 months time )

    Can I gohead and arrange my travel, will there be any issue in processing my H1B Visa (In India by company BBB), while I am on US (By company AAA)in B1Visa

    Please Advice me !!!


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    No issues. Don't try to file a COS from B1 to H1B while you are in U.S. That would raise unnecessary questions when you attend thevisa interview next time. If you decide to work in H1B status, then go out of the country, get the H1B stamped and return back in H1B visa.
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      Thank you

      Thank you for the immediate responce

      How long i can stay in USA with My B1 VISA, once my H1B petision is approved...

      Is there any time line for VISA stamping once after your petision approvel is done ????

      Can I travel with the same company in B1 while they processing H1B ????


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        Your permitted duration of stay in B1 status will be determined at port of entry. It will depend on your itinerary and how much you request. The maximum that can be allotted is 6 months.
        This is my opinion and not legal advice.