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L1 to H1 - Reg stay in USA

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  • L1 to H1 - Reg stay in USA

    Hi -

    I am on a L1-B thru a company, X, for the past 4.6 yrs in the USA.
    Since the validity of the L1-B is only 5 yrs and my project is still conitnuing, my employer has filed a H1-B. It is yet to come.

    Now my question is:

    1. I heard that one cannot stay in the USA for more than 6 yrs on any visa (in this case, combined L1 & H1). If that is the case, even though my H1 is valid for 3 more yrs (for example), do I still need to leave USA, when I complete 6 yrs.(combined L1 & H1).

    2. If I had to leave, what options do I have to continue to stay in the USA even after 6 yrs (of course, Green Card is one option).

    Thanks in advance !