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working on H1B and trying for another company.

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  • working on H1B and trying for another company.


    I am currently working for an indian consulting firm on H1B visa. I have an offer from an MNC company and they initiated my H1B transfer.
    I came to know recently that my transfer has been approved with the MNC company and I am to join them in a month after giving noticec to my current employer.

    I wanted to know, if my current H1B status is valid as my transfer has been approved.
    Kindly advice.


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    Check out the approval notice from your new employer. There will be an I-94 at the bottom and you will be allowed stay in the US and work for them until the valid to date on that notice. Whenever you leave the US after this, if the visa in your passport has expired at that time, you will need to apply for it at a consulate.
    This is my opinion and not legal advice.