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I-797 stamping

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  • I-797 stamping

    I will be traveling to China soon with an expired visa but a valid I-797.
    Is there anyone who's had a successful passport stamping there?
    I have friends who've got theirs done in Canada & Mexico, but am not sure if it can work fine in China.
    I appreciate any feedback or advice on this issue,

    Thanks & Regards,

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    In my opinion you will be taking a big risk by doing that. God forbid, if your visa has to undergo administrative processing, then you will get stuck in china for dont know how long. If you have to stay in china until you get your visa, would you china visa be valid until then. Start thinking about the option if at all you get stuck there. I would recommend you stamp in your home country where you dont have to worry about the visa.
    My two cents.


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      If China is your home country where you got your Bachelor degree, there should not be any problem.
      This is my opinion and not legal advice.


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        Thanks for the response guys, China is not my Home country, so I guess, I'll get my stamping done in Canada before I leave or get it done after my China trip in my home country.


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          Better. I am going thru the worst experience of my life having gone for my stamping in Dubai even thouh I am an Indian citizen. My visa has been on hold for the last four months. 45 days after my inteview they asked me to drop off the passport and I flew from India to Dubai only to get another slip saying further admin processing. Came back to India and been waiting eversince. I have read a coupla posts that International travel during AP resets it and they have to start it all over. I am not sure about this but just wanted to let you know. Anyways , good luck for ur interview. Weigh in your options before you select the location for interview. My suggestion would be to be prepareed for the worst outcome.