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H1B status With B1extension/F1

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  • H1B status With B1extension/F1

    my current status is B1 visa, I have been offered clinical research position from profitable program so I am interested to apply for status, but my I-94 will be expired on August 4th, can you suggest me is it possible to apply H1 status and F1 student visa or extension of 1-94 at same time? I entered last time in August 5th, 2010 in USA. If you suggest me it will be highly appreciated and can get your service regarding for H1 process.

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    It is never advisable to file a COS from B1 to H1B. If you do that, then you might be questioned when you attend the visa interview the next time. The best option is to file the H1B as a consular process (instead of COS) and when it gets approved, leave the country, get the H1B stamped and return back in H1B visa and start working for the H1B sponsor.
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