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H4 visa at chennai consulte got 221g blue form

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  • H4 visa at chennai consulte got 221g blue form

    My Wife attended H4 interview at chennai consulate on 1st June 2011 , the VO returned the passport with a 221g blue form and said that they have to do some Administrative work. They didn't asked any documents. its already 1 month is over.

    When we are checking the status on the site it says the wrong case number.

    How many days does it take to get displayed in the site and how many days it will take them to come out with any result.

    if any body knows, please suggest.

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    No one can predict when the 221g admin processing will get cleared as they are case dependent. If you are unable to track your case online, then talk to VFS helpdesk and they should be able to help you.
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      i got visa today

      Good News: ....

      Passport received today after a long frustration.

      Interview date : 1st June, 2011 at chennai consulte.
      Case : 221 g blue form additional administrative processing.
      I got a mail date: 20th sep, 2011 (You may submit your passport along with the 221g letter and the copy of your DS160 confirmation sheet, through VFS dropbox.)
      Passport & Doc Submitted : 21st Sep, 2011 at VFS
      Passport received : 28th Sep, 2011

      Good Luck to All