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Visa Correction in India

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  • Visa Correction in India

    Hi Experts,

    I appeared for visa stamping in Hyderabad consulate, the visa was approved, and passport was sent back to me on 24 June 2011. But after that I found that the Employer name on my passport is my old employer.

    I was working for Company A and left that company in Dec2010 and joined company B the next day.

    Please note that on my DS160 the employer name was correctly filled in as Company B. I have 2 petitions Company A and Company B. While submitting the documents 5 days earlier at the consulate, the immigration depertment of company B attached copies of both the companies. and the visa was stamped with employer name as company A.

    I have submitted all the required documents for visa correction on 6th July but no word from the consulate after that. I am not able to track the passport in any way.

    Any idea how long this correction process would take ?

    Thanks for any input on this.

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    It is not possible to predict. You should call VFS helpdesk and get their help. Not sure why you submitted the old petition from your previous employer. You should have submitted only the current employer's petition.
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