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DOL-WHD - Filed complaint (WH4)

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  • DOL-WHD - Filed complaint (WH4)

    Had some pay issues with my former employer and they had terminated employment unceremoniously.

    I had to return to India as time and money was running out. In fact the employer was doing all he can to make me leave immediately (Probably felt I'm less of a threat that way).

    Anyways filed a WH4 with the DOL last year, sent in documents, answered queries and am waiting for the investigation to conclude.

    Apparently the ex employer is responding to the DOL using an attorney.
    Dont really know how longer it will take to conclude.

    My understanding is that the DOL has taken up investigation based on the initial premise that the ex employer did not pay salary properly and had not fulfilled LCA obligations.
    Readers please comment on this.

    My contention is that the ex employer did not also do a proper termination because they used a false premise for termination and did not inform USCIS. They did pay for my air ticket though.

    Additionally, I would like to know the role of the attorney here so that I can be better prepared for any further questions asked by the DOL.