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  • H1 B PI Query

    I work for a tech consulting consulting firm and have about 8 yrs work exp.
    I travelled earlier to the US couple of time with a L1 B visa. I applied for L1A in Feb 2011 which was denied citing that my role does not qualify for a L1A issuance. Subsequently i applied for H1B and received the approval notice and planning to go for Pi in Sep 2011.
    2 queries,
    1) Would there be any questions during the PI as to why i applied for a L1A(which is a managerical visa) in Feb 2011 and requesting for a H1B(work visa) in Sep 2011?
    2) Mine being a case where i have applied for a work visa as i was told that my role does not qualify for a L1A, will be acceptable to say that i was told by the VO earlier to apply for a different visa?

    Request your advice.


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    Stick to the truth, there is nothing to hide.
    This is my opinion and not legal advice.