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Transfer and Extension of expired H1 visa

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  • Transfer and Extension of expired H1 visa

    I was working for company X and had H1B Visa from that company. I had also travelled twice from the company. However, I was laid off by the company X in March 2009 and moved to company Y. My visa(petition only) was valid till June 2011. Stamping had ended in June 2008 and petition was extended till June 2011 during my stay from March 2008 to Dec 2008. Recently my L1B Blanket visa was rejected and the visa officer suggested me to apply for an H1B visa as I had it earlier.

    Can my present company Y transfer the expired H1B visa and extend it?

    Is this a possibility?

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    Yes, your existing company can file a new H1B petition using the CAP from the previous H1B approval notice and request an immediate start date (Just give the current employer a copy of your previous H1B approval notice). Once approved, get the visa stamped and enter U.S with the valid H1B visa and the petition.
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