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H4 Applied after H1B refused with a 221(g) Blue Form

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  • H4 Applied after H1B refused with a 221(g) Blue Form


    My Wife just now attended the H4 Visa interview @ Hyd US Consulate and "got the visa" approved. Previously she was working on H1B and we both along with our daughter visited INDIA in June 2011. Since her H1B extension visa was due, she attended the interview on June 20 2011 @ Chennai US Consulate. She was handed the 221(g) BLUE form. Eventually on August 12 2011, the denial letter was sent.

    I quickly huddled and sent all the documents for H4 visa for her after I returned back to US in July 1 week. Booked the slot on Aug 17 for a interview date of Aug 30 2011. The amount of people for interviews was very high and she indicated that she had to wait for 1 and half hours after her actual interview time.

    The following are the questions the VO asked:
    Wife: Good Morning.
    VO: Greeted back.
    VO: When is your marriage date?
    Wife: Answered.
    VO: Do you have kids?
    Wife: Answered.
    VO: Is she US Citizen?
    Wife: Answered
    VO: Went through some thing on the computer for 4 minutes and made a surprise look. And then nodded.
    Then asked, where does your husband work?
    Wife: Answered.
    VO: How many years has he been working?
    Wife: Answered.
    VO: After 1 minute of reading, where does he live in US?
    Wife: Answered.
    VO: Thank you Mam. Your VISA is approved.

    Thats it. Its all the culmination of emotions that boiled down to immense happiness after the approval word came out from VO. Its been more than 3 months that I was separated from my wife and 7 month old kid. We however prepared for the worst by taking all the documents related to her previous employment, her resignation letter, the petitioner accepting the resignation, the petitioner requesting the USCIS to withdraw her petition for H1B, all my pay stubs from starting of this year, my tax returns for all the years I and she worked, all my bank statements from starting of this year, original I-797, copies of both of our passports, my I-94, the copy of my I-129, LCA, GC - I-140 approval copy. My employment model was 'Full Time Employee working at the Employer's work site'.

    I wish everyone good luck with their respective visa interviews. I would suggest you all have the required documents and loads of confidence. Above all I know its pure LUCK and FATE that decide the interview. But, hey you have few things that are in your hands, so work on it. Enough of my preaching. Once again Good Luck with the interviews.

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