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First time F1 to H1 stamping in Canada or Mex or Bahamas

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  • First time F1 to H1 stamping in Canada or Mex or Bahamas

    I have a bachelors degree from a reputed university in USA (graduated 2002). I am on a 3rd H1B with the same employer with GC applied (I140 approved EB 3 category). I currently work for client here in Phoenix, AZ (EVC model). Never been out of status and can prove that with my pay stubs, W2, etc. My passport has F1 stamp (undergrad) and I am planning to visit India this Dec which requires me to have H1b stamp in order to come back.

    Can I go to Canada based on the fact that I have a bachelors degree from US and 8 + yrs of US experience? Secondly, since I live in phoenix and this would be my first H1b stamp, can I go to Mexico as it is just 3 - 4 hr drive from me if I have all the required documentation?

    Lastly, would you recommend me to go to Canada or Mexico or Bahamas or last option being India? I would greatly appreciate it if you can really help me out as this is my first time and am very nervous as I read these blogs everyday.


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    It is not advisable to go to Mexico for a change of status stamping. You can go to Canada. Look at the below URL.
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