I am in India and I have offer from small USA company (Less than 50 employees).
Petition is in progress. but as per many opinion, there is less chances if your employer is small.

- My employer is small company (>50 emp)
- It is consultancy company
- for past 2-3 years, they have recruited few H1-B (From India / USA). so I can say that H1 track record is fine. (Not sure how they will help)
- I am not sure about revenue yet.
- I have 7+ years exp and been in USA 3 times and some European countries
- I do not have client letter.
- I been working for MNC's till now.

Is there anyone having similar case. Please share experience. Please let me know your views on chances of getting visa.

I am aware that no one can predict anything for H1-B and everything depends on situation and mood of V.O. . Still any inputs will be appreciated.

Thank you in advance.