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H1 Stamping coming up with a DUI

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  • H1 Stamping coming up with a DUI

    Hi All,

    In OCT 2008 I was arrested and charged with misdemeanor DUI in NJ. My BAC was 0.09. There was no accident to injury. I hired a Lawyer and pleaded guilty in NOV 2008. I served 3 months license suspension,12 hour IDRC classes and $1000 a year surcharge for 3 years all of which I completed successfully. Note that I was NOT fingerprinted or photographed at the time of arrest. In AUG 2009 I went to India (not for stamping) and had no issues at POE.
    Me and my wife are going to India in NOV 2011 and are planning to go for H1/H4 stamping at Mumbai consulate. I will have to say "YES" to the arrest question.
    Here's my questions.

    1. If anyone has a recent experience at Mumbai consulate with a similar situation? Will they send me to the physician? If yes then how should I prepare for that? Can I go to the physician here before leaving for India and get all tests done?
    2. If they send me to the physician in India how much time does it take normally to complete all the process and get my passport back?
    3. What are the documents I should carry? I have the court disposition letter along with receipts of all fines I have paid.
    4. Is there anything I can do here before leaving for India which will save my time there.
    5. Apart from documents related to DUI, what are the regular documents I should take from my employer? (I am a full time employee)
    5. Can someone please give me a Client Letter(or Employment Letter) format for a full time employee?
    6. How my DUI will affect on my wife's H4 stamping?
    7. Can I and my wife can go for seperate inteview (different counters) at the same day within 30 minutes for our H1/H4 stamping? Is it a good idea?
    The reason I want to send my wife first for an interview (she has her seperate I 797 H4 approval and when we went for stamping around 4 years back we went to seperate windows and there were no issues)
    is I don't want her stamping to get affected by my situation.
    8. Can VO find out about my situation during my wife's interview though I am going to appear for an interview after 30 minutes of her interview? If she was to travel alone to India, anyway she would have appeared alone in her H4 stamping interview.
    9. If we both appear togather for an interview, what are the chances that her case will get affected by my situation?

    Please help.

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    Can someone please reply?


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      please help

      Anyone?? shervin143 ??