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H1 Visa Transfer

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  • H1 Visa Transfer

    I was working with company A for 4.5 years (I have paid for all 4.5 years) and left on Sep 30th 2011 and joined Oct 3rd 2011 on company B. Now I got a better offer from company C. I don't have any payslip from company B because I just joined.

    Q1 - Shall I transfer my h1 from company B to C without any payslip or I need to wait at least 2 payslip from company B to do the transfer?

    Q2 - I have payslip till Sep 2011 from company A and shall I use that or I need the one from current employer (company B)?

    Q3 - If company A didn't cancel my visa shall I use that visa to do the transfer to company C?

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    Technically you need to be working for A or B on the day C's petition is received by USCIS and they will need proof of work until that day.
    This is my opinion and not legal advice.


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      Is there any time frame switching from one employer to another employer? because I am planning to switch with in 3 weeks after joined.


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        There is no timeframe, but as mentioned before you must be working with an H1 sponsor in order to maintain H1 status. Only then can another employer file and transfer.
        This is my opinion and not legal advice.