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Visa stamping in Canada or Mexico

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  • Visa stamping in Canada or Mexico

    Dear People,


    I got my first H1B stamping in Chennai, September 2008 through Employer-A. I came to US in the month of Jan 2010. I initiated a transfer from Employer-A to Employer-B in the month of January 2011. The approval papers came after an RFE in the end of June 2011. I need to travel Europe by the end of this year due to personal reasons for few days. Regarding the stamping of my newly approved H1B Visa with Employer-B, I would be happy if people could clarify me on the following points:

    a. Am I eligible to go for stamping in Mexico or Canada. I am told by some that the officers are asking people to go to their home country for stamping. Is my case clean?

    b. I work on EVC model with 2 layers in between. Both of them have assured me to give me the letters required. But the letter of 'End Client' seems to be something i find hard to obtain. I have the timesheet approvals, email conversations, ID cards etc as evidence. Any phone call, my client manager would attend. Will that suffice.

    c. What is the general trend of issuance in Mexico.

    Thanks in advance for your responses.