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H1-B Stamping in Tijuana, Mexico - Please help

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  • H1-B Stamping in Tijuana, Mexico - Please help


    I am currently in USA. I got my first H1-B stamped in India and it is expired in 2009. Now I am planning to go India for my marriage. I dont want to go for stamping in India as I will be busy in marriage schedule. So I want to get my H1-B stamping in Tijuana,Mexico.

    I have very less tme and really worried about my stamping. I have following questions to proceed further. I would really appreciate your quick reply.

    1) Going to Tijuana is good idea or not? How about the success rate?
    2) Do I need any kind of mexican visa to enter Tijuana for stamping?
    3) If mexican visa is required, what are the documents required for mexican visa? And how long it will take to get a mexican visa?
    4) What is the website to book h1b visa interview appointment in Tijuana?
    5) What is the easiest way to reach Tijuana? I would prefer to go by Air.
    6) Does any one offer pickup at mexican airport, dropping at hotel and taking me to border etc.. services? Please give me the details.
    7) How long it will take to get my visa stamping? Shall i go on Saturday or Sunday for stamping?
    When they will return my passport?

    Answers to these questions would be highly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.