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H4 visa stamping in Hyd - white form 221(g)

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  • H4 visa stamping in Hyd - white form 221(g)


    My wife has gone for a H4 visa stamping on 11th Oct... At the end of intv, she was given a white form where in they checked the box which indicated,, they would be sending in few Questions to her mail and she needs to respond back to those Questions.... and they held back passport... they didnot return the passport to her....

    But to my surprise these Questions are no way related to me or her H4 visa... but seems to be asked for someone applying for Student visa...

    A complete CV/resume and a complete list of publications and professional/research references. CV/resume should be submitted in text (*.txt) format. If you are retired, you MUST still include a CV/resume listing your past work and any part-time work since retirement.

    A scanned copy of the invitation letter from the organization/university that you will meet or attend. The letter should be saved and sent as an Adobe Acrobat (*.pdf) file.

    You may scan and attach supplementary material if needed, such as invitation letters, transcripts and research papers. Supplementary materials should be saved and sent as Adobe Acrobat (*.pdf) files.

    I have no clue what to respond to these Questions.... as she is just coming to join me and not for some education purpose....

    Can someone help me in this regard.... I am seriously waiting for somehelp.... so as to answer these Questions....

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    Send a reply back to the consulate that you are only applying for a H4 visa and and include whatever documents that are related to H4 visa processing. Mention "Not Applicable" to the questions that are not related to your visa and provide reason for it. You can also talk to VFS helpdesk and they might be able to guide you.
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