I am in a peculiar situation and need some expert advice.

I have my H1-B interview scheduled at Chennai on the 31st of OCT. Today my Visa processing team has received the copy of my petition and they found that there is a small typo in my surname in the petition. All other documents created from my side (DS-160, BEP letter etc) has no issues.

Now my visa team is going for an amendment to my original petition adding a clause to correct my name. As per them it would take 15 days under premium processing. In the meantime, they have confirmed that I can attend the interview on the 31st as the consulate will not be bothered with this small typo (actually you can't make it out easily).

I am in a great dilemma whether to go for the interview or cancel it till I get the amended petition. Can you please advice you opinion based on any past experience or processing rules?

Much Thanks !!