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H1b Stamping - no slip - VO returned passport - review app - delhi

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  • H1b Stamping - no slip - VO returned passport - review app - delhi

    So I had my interview for a 7th year h1b extension at new delhi. EVC model. VO asked lots of questions about my employer, client location, and i answered all to the best of my ability. I told him exactly what he wanted to hear. He returned my passport, kept 797 and 129. said i'll hear in a week if the visa is approved and then i can drop off my passport. i was shocked as i never had such an experience. I asked him if they will contact me through email? or phone? he asked me to confirm my contact info. i asked if he needed any supporting docs and he denied. then he asked me what i had in my hand, i handed him over the client letter. its been a week and i havent heard anything. i dont know what it is that they are trying to confirm. I have been with my employer and the same client for 15 months (VO knows that). So frustrating. any experiences.

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    Search and read the posts that discusses about "221g" / "Admin processing" in immihelp.
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