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H1B -> H4 (Canada or mexico)

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  • H1B -> H4 (Canada or mexico)

    My wife has a valid H4 stamp on her passport valid until June 2013. In Jan 2011 she did a change of status to H1B.

    Her last day at work is next week. Can she go to Canada/Mexico and re-enter as H4 without new visa stamping? Do we need to file any paperwork in this route?

    Greatly appreciate your help.
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    Yes, she can do that. Make sure to return all her I-94 when she leaves and get a new one associated to H4 upon her return. If the Canada/Mexico trip is less than a month, then they might not take the I-94. They will ask you to use the same one upon your return. I such case, the entire trip would be worthless.
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