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Urgent Help Needed: Client Change after H1B Petition Approved

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  • Urgent Help Needed: Client Change after H1B Petition Approved


    I m working for BEP enabled reputed concern in chennai. I got my H1B petition approved for Client A in location Ohio in US (Location A). But before going for stamping, now I have been assigned to another project with new client (Client B) in Connecticut in location (Location B). Now I need to fill DS 160 and need to go for H1B Interview to work in new client location.

    I am not sure, which client I need to expose in Visa Interview. but all my H1B petition related docs shows Client A and Location A. I have even got new LCA now for Location B to work in new client location.

    Please advice, whether I can fill Client A in DS 160 and tell Client A in Visa Interview as I have enough docs to get Visa for Client A.

    Having New LCA and having same petiton applied for Client A is enough to get Visa to work for new Client B? If not Please advice how can i proceed to get Visa... with out any Issues.
    If any other docs, Please list them. I have doubt whether I need H1b amendment.

    Please advice. Its Urgent.

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    Where ever you will be working...Location B should be mentioned for visa irrespective of whose name was on the papers and obtain supporting docs for the same. Your H1b employer should have total control over what you do at the client site.

    I am not a lawyer and you need to consult with one to validate any info posted on the forum and discuss your case specifics. H1b Question? Read the FAQ first.


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      Thanks txh1B. My H1b employer has total control as you said. But he is delaying the things and not giving proper direction to Visa

      So you suggest me to go with Client B and Location B in Visa Interview....

      I have H1B petition and supporting docs for Client A and Location A to go for Interview.

      If suppose, I need to fill Client B and Location B with existing Petition saying Client A/ Location A in papers, what are the supporting docs needed?

      Right now, I now I hold
      1. Justification Letter
      2. I129 Petition Filing
      3. I797 Petiton
      4. LCA ( both for Location A and Location B updated)

      I have got new LCA to work in Location B to work in Client B location. Other than LCA,
      what else docs needed to go for Visa Interview saying Client B/ Location B.

      Note: Should not be in a problem of exposing Client Change.

      Please suggest and throw some lights.