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is I-129 original needed for H1B visa intv ?

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  • is I-129 original needed for H1B visa intv ?

    Dear folks,

    I am travelling to India, from US, this weekend.
    I have my H1B visa interview scheduled next week.

    Mine is case of Change of Status from L1B->H1B. I already have approved H1B petition.

    M question is , although I DO have original I-797 notice of approval letter, I DO NOT HAVE the ORIGINAL I-129 petition papers , LCA ,etc.
    I just have a copy of all those H1B petition filing documents.

    Do I need to carry original I-129 petition and Labor condition application(LCA) documents for Visa interview ??

    Please let me know

    Thanks a lot

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    There is no original I-129. The original will be submitted to USCIS by the employer. Copies of I-129 is what you will get. Copy of I-129 and and a copy of LCA is good enough.
    Not a legal advice. Use of this information is strictly at your own risk.


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      Thanks for reply shervin.

      The reason why I asked, whether I need original I-129, is because my previous L1B Visa was issued based on L1B-Blanket petition.
      At that time , I got Original I-129 docs.

      I guess in-case of H1B (or non-blanket petition) ,we do not get originaI I-129 petition, back from USCIS.
      Is that understanding correct ?


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        Like above, copy of I-129 and LCA. They may not even ask you for those anyway.
        This is my opinion and not legal advice.